Meet the Staff


Greg Riether

Senior Pastor
Greg Riether has been in fulltime pastoral ministry since 1988. In October of 2005, he felt led by God to begin a new congregation, Healing Grace Church.

The revelation of God’s abundant grace in Jesus Christ was revealed to Pastor Greg while reading Andrew Womack’s book, The War is Over. “When I stopped reading the Bible through the lens of the Old Covenant, the New Covenant of grace in Jesus joyfully exploded before me”, he says.  “I realized that so many of the practices of religion had taken away from the message and power of Jesus’ finished work. Nothing has been the same since then.”

Pastor Greg and his wife, Sherry, are co-pastors of Healing Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sherry currently serves as the Human Resources Manager for a local industrial wholesale distribution company, and through that position helps support her family financially. She is also passionate about sharing the extravagant Grace of God through Jesus Christ with others.

Meet Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor


Sherry Riether

Sherry Riether co-pastors Healing Grace Church alongside her husband, Senior Pastor Greg Riether. Although a lifelong Christian, Sherry continually fought depression and feelings of failure until she heard and received the message of the pure Gospel of Grace.

The message of Grace revealed that her relationship with God was not about doing to become, but was a free gift of righteousness in the finished work of Jesus. This brought her peace and confidence in her relationship with Christ and has transformed her life.


David and Rayne Bordon

Care Pastors


Christoph & Gabi Dill

Worship Pastors
Christoph and Gabi both grew up and spent most of their life in Switzerland. They have been married for over 16 years and have two beautiful daughters (Elisa and Shania). In 2014 they have left their careers and Swiss life behind and moved to Tulsa, OK to study Ministries and Media at Victory Bible College. Soon after joining we both felt to change to do the Worship Track. Right after graduating in 2016 Gabi and Christoph became the worship pastors at Healing Grace Church.


Gene & Beth Barber

Youth Pastors
Gene Barber has been the youth pastors at the Compound which is the youth ministry for 3 years . Prior to this, he spent 10 plus years reaching out to youth and young adults to direct them to live a Christ filled life .

Gene started his ministry right out of Bible College in Kingman, KS, where he grew up . He has also worked in churches in Wichita, KS and Ashdown, AR.

He enjoys connecting with youth through sports, music, and concerts . It's also his passion to help underprivileged teens and reach out in creative ways to share the greaves and love of God .

Beth Barber, Gene's wife of 8 years, has been a huge instrument in his success along the way . She is a beautician, as well as works in Broken Arrow Public Schools . They have 3 amazing , beautiful , and talented children . Their names are Christian 14, Morghan 13 and Cloe 11. They are also a support and help for the youth group.


Stéphanie Saltoratto

Children’s Ministry Leader
Stéphanie Saltoratto is passionate about teaching kids about Jesus and leading them into a personal relationship with God. She has worked in children's and special needs ministries and has experience teaching, leading worship, building teams and empowering leaders. She believes it is our generation’s responsibility to raise the next generation in the ways of the Lord based on Proverbs 22:8 - “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”


Jacob and Lauren Manley

Young Adults Pastors

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